AGB – 2019

SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin


SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin will facilitate a contract between the model and the client. Explanations will be provided by SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin in the name of and on behalf of the model. The model is the client`s sole contractual partner.

Model remuneration:
The fee for models will be calculated per half-day or full day, as will the buyout, plus any value added tax. If invoices for film productions are processed through SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin value-added tax will be added to the model and buyout fees depending on the model`s tax status.
The specific use of TV spots, large signs, posters, displays, postcards, mailings, sales promotion materials, etc., circulation of such or use of BTL or ATL require an additional wage agreement and/or package price solution. The model`s wage and buyout rates will be based on whether publication or broadcast will be regional, national, Europe-wide or international. For TV spots the wages will also be based on the number of spot plays and the allocation to different broadcast stations and/or their combination. Package price solutions are customary in such cases. In general the model is responsible for filing his/her own taxes at the tax office and will pay his/her own social insurance expenses. The corresponding documents can be provided upon request. Exceptions are film wages that in exceptional cases have to be paid by the client using a so-called (Lohnsteuerkarte) (income tax card).

These can be cancelled by the client and the model at any time free of charge. If the client does not confirm or revoke an existing option three work days in advance of the shooting, SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin can cancel the option for the model.

For cancellation of a booking by the client 24 hours in advance of the production, a half day will be charged as a cancellation fee for the model. In the case of inclement weather at the production location, a half-day will be charged for the loss of the model`s wages.

Agency costs:
In addition to all model wages and buyouts,SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin charges a 10% placement fee and a 10% bookkeeping and administration fee plus value-added tax. The client is required to inform the agency first and as promptly as possible of any confirmed bookings, even if direct contact with the model has been made.

Only SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin. will submit invoices. The amount charged in the invoice must be paid by the client within 14 days (4 weeks at the latest) from the date of final production, and the buyout must be paid 1 week prior to broadcast or publication. Publication and/or broadcast are permitted only after complete payment of the invoice has been made by the client.

Transportation to and from the set:
The half-day fee or a flat rate are standard for travel and fitting expenses. Rail, air, commuter train and/or underground tickets and/or taxi fare are to be paid by the client or a kilometre allowance is to be paid.

The client will directly pay hotel costs including breakfast and catering during the production.

Model`s personal dress and changes of clothing:
If the model`s personal film clothing is soiled or damaged, it will be cleaned or replaced at the client`s expense. The client must ensure that the model is provided a changing area on the set that is shielded from the public (including outdoor shootings).

Work day:
4-5 hours are a half work-day and 8-10 hours including breaks are a full work day. For every additional work hour begun, 10% of the daily fee will be charged as overtime.

No liability whatsoever will be assumed for materials sent to us.

Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.